Friday, September 21, 2012

Calling All Running Ladies

As you know I love pink.  I have way too many pink running tops, skirts, shorts, hats, shoes and even socks.  So when I saw these finishers "medals" I fell in love.  I ran the Pink Series half marathon last year.  It is the only women's only half marathon in Utah and it is the best race!

It was a crazy day weather wise (snowed most of the race) but the race is one that you ladies don't want to miss. I got a cute race shirt - that I actually wear on a regular basis.  The swag bag was amazing.  There were cupcakes at the finish line.  And I can actually wear my last year finishers medal (the cute Park City '11). Last years recap found here.

And to top it all off I won a Blendtec and not for running fast just because my number was drawn.  Score.

The course is in Park City so it's not only gorgeous but it's a great place to have a girl's weekend.  I can't do the race this year and I am so sad.  Not only is it the week after the St. George marathon but I have a big work convention all weekend.  Otherwise I would be at this race and no matter what I'm running it next year. 

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