Friday, August 31, 2012

Run with your heart

Being a busy mom and running with other busy mom's means that sometimes we do crazy things.  Like plan a 16 mile at 5:00 am so we can be home in time to get kids off to school.  It was so early that when I got out of bed the hubby looked at me totally confused and said "what are you doing?" My answer:  I'm going running!!  It was so early and dark but I am glad I got up and did it.  Once it's over I'm always glad I did it.  

For some reason today's run was brutal - I felt worse than I did at the end of our 20 miler last week.  By the last 4 miles I was just out of steam.  My caffeinated Roctane couldn't even cover up the blah I was feeling.  Then after I got home and was getting ready for work 3 different times I got light headed and was seeing spots so I had to sit down.  Once I got my protein shake down I started to feel better.  My guess is that the lack of eating a good dinner last night took it's toll on me.  I'm usually very good at drinking lots and eating right the day before a long run but for some reason 16 miles didn't stress me out this week and I just acted like it was a normal run.  Not smart.  

Thank goodness I had the girls with me today so I could just force myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I finished that run - all 16 miles!!  And it was my heart not my legs keeping me going.

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