Monday, September 17, 2012

22 Miler

After the run
It's been a few days but I wanted to make sure to document my last big training run before STG.  We did an out and back up the canyon to try to simulate the course a bit.  What I know about the marathon course is that it has a good uphill at mile 7 and is more flat and uphill for the first 13 miles then it is a nice downhill for the second half.  So Saturday we ran 22 miles.  Up and back in the canyon.  It was a gorgeous crisp morning (low 50's at the start) and the run went great.  The last few miles I felt strong and we came down the hill towards my house at a good pace.  I did a Roctane w/caffeine at mile 5 and mile 17 and a normal GU at mile 11. 

I am now officially ready for the marathon!!

We are supposed to start tapering now but I feel like I tapered a bit too long before Utah Valley so this week is a normal running week then we will taper.  Today was a normal 9 mile run on a Monday.  Then speed work on Wednesday, recovery run on Thursday and 16 miles on Saturday.

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