Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tapering.....yes or no?

After the Utah Valley marathon and Ragnar I felt like I was starting over.  I didn't even go a whole week without running but I could barely run 10 miles.  A big part of me thinks it's from the long taper before the marathon and of course 2 events back-to-back didn't help.  So one thing the girls and I are doing different with this marathon is not tapering as much.  We still did our big run (22 miles) 3 weeks before the race but then haven't cut completely back since then.  

I have talked to lots of other runners who I respect and their training is all over the place with tapering.  Some do the traditional 2 week taper, others 10 days and some do no tapering at all.  I found this article The Taper article by Ed Eyestone and I really like it.  It's pretty close to what the girls and I have discussed with a few differences that I will probably do.  

Today's workout:  Tempo Run 7 miles total with 5 miles at 7:45 pace

Do you taper?  How much?

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