Monday, September 24, 2012

40 miles for 40 years

Since I can't run 40 miles straight for my 40th birthday I decided to do it for my birthday week.  Luckily it wasn't a huge task since marathon training already has lots of miles.  

So far being 40 is awesome!!  I am in better shape now that I was at 30 (granted I had a 1 month old on my 30th birthday).  Plus being 40 gives me 5 extra minutes for my Boston qualification time :)  

Last week was the last week of big miles and training and now the tapering starts.  I am so ready for the race to be here and to be done training for a while.  I'm ready to run for fun for a bit. And maybe do a few half-marathons.

Today's workout:  8 miles.  Last night when I set my alarm I was so excited to set it for 5:25 instead of 5:00.  The hubby thought I was crazy when I said "yippee I get to sleep in".  Apparently he doesn't think 5:25 is sleeping in :) 

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