Monday, September 10, 2012


This morning started out like any other Monday morning.  The problem is that now that fall is here it is so dark at 5:30 am.  We thought we could still run our normal 9 mile loop.  The loop goes on a small road with no street lights and no shoulder but there is usually little to no cars on it so running down the middle seemed like a fine idea.  We had to move to the side a couple of times and after one of these times I was on the edge of the road and didn't see the hole on the side.  I stepped into it at a bad angle rolled my right ankle and went down pretty hard.  I was so stressed about my ankle being rolled with the marathon only 4 weeks away.  I got up and started to walk it off.  My left knee and leg and both hands have a road rash but my ankle was feeling fine.  I told the girls to go ahead and keep running....but like that good running partners they are rather than let me go back down the dark road alone they stayed with me.  We were 2.5 miles into the run and since we had to head back anyway we started to run.  Hooray my ankle felt fine!!  We headed back to the neighborhood just in case but I finished the 9 mile run without any other issues.  I was nice and dirty and a little bloody but soooo happy to not be injured.  

Getting in the shower hurt (that's when I came close to tears washing out all the gravel).  Now that it's been several hours I'm feeling weird aches and pains in a few spots but nothing too bad.  One of the worst is the bruise on the end of my left thumb!  Weird. 

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