Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Half Marathon

Last week I ran the Pink Series half marathon in Park City, UT. This is the first all women's event I've ever done and I have been looking forward to this race for months. I even did several long runs in different cute pink outfits trying to decide which one would be best for this race and then the week of the race it all changed. A cold front came in and ruined all my cute outfit plans.

The morning of the race it was 32 degrees with an awesome snow/rain combo coming down. I changed my outfit a few times and was very worried that I would freeze since all I had were capri's and no full length tights. I ended up wearing capris, a long sleeve shirt, my sleeves (which only lasted 5 miles), a water proof vest, gloves, a hat & ear warmers. I didn't take my camera with me so I only have a few iPhone pictures.

The girls and I huddled up before we got on the bus
The race itself was tough. The conditions were probably the worst I've ever run in and Park City is at a very high altitude and pretty hilly. I was so not looking forward to running in the cold that we sat on the bus until minutes before the gun went off then after the gun went off took off my sweats, threw my bag in the trailer and started running. I wasn't too worried since it was a chip run. The only bad part about doing that was that I had to weave around people for much longer than I like to at the start of the race.

After all 4 of us finished we were so cold that we didn't stay and mingle at all. The after race party looked like so much fun but it was just too cold. I didn't even get an after race picture until we were back at the hotel. The faces are just to show how we felt about the weather not the race.

Cuddled up in bed trying to get warm post shower - I love it!
I saw this quote on twitter yesterday and I think it sums up exactly how I feel about this race and running in general.
We may run a lot of miles, but it is important to take our friends with us along the way. The road will be a sweeter path

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