Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Straight Up

I got tired of the way my Udo's made my shake taste in the mornings so I decided to just start taking it straight up.   I pour 1-2 T in my little cup and down it fast chased by water, water and more water.  Then I feel like I can enjoy my recovery shake more since it doesn't have the "nutty" taste of Udo's.  I love my Udo's and I really do think it is making a difference in my training but the taste is just nasty to me.  I bought the pills but you have to take 14 of them to equal a T so that wasn't worth it to me either.  I did find that if I have banana in my shake I can't taste it - but I don't always put them in my shake. 

On the side of the package it talks about the "pleasant, nutty, buttery taste" and how you can put it on cereal and even "poured over dessert".  Are you kidding me?  Maybe over veggies or salad.  It makes me laugh when I read that line on the bottle.  You must have jacked up taste buds to pour this over dessert!

Today was a tempo run.  1 mile warm up then 5 miles at 7:53 pace then a mile cool down.  Somehow I did the whole thing without resorting to loud music blasting in my ears.  You know it's true friendship when you can run together non-stop and still not run out of things to talk about!!  

The gym was really packed this morning at 5:40 am so I ran on a different type of treadmill at the gym today and once I hit 60 minutes it automatically went to cool down.  I was in my last half mile and it just slowed all the way down.  SO ANNOYING!! I tried turning it back up but every minute it would go back down.  So I just walked the last tenth of a mile.  Next time I'm running on my usual one.

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