Friday, August 17, 2012

18 miles with a big scare

Today on our 18 mile we almost got hit by a car. It was insane!! We were running in the road down the bike lane of a very wide road when a car sped up an swerved towards us. Luckily T was paying attention an pushed me out of the way up onto the sidewalk. The car came inches away from the curb then swerved back into their lane. I yelled a few choice words and it took about a mile before my heart stopped pounding. Never have I come that close to being hit while running and I swear it was intentional.

As for the rest of the run it was touch hard but we did it. I took 2 Roctane GUs. One at mile 5.5 and one at 12.5. No music today so there were a few tough miles when we were trying to come up with really exciting topics - like back to school shopping and backpacks. Ha ha.

At least my new shoes are a perfect match with my favorite running skirt.  

Right after the run I had to rush to work and do a training - so I had to wear my fancy clothes to work.  No compression sleeves with flats today.  After about an hour I thought I was going to die. So painful.  


  1. Oh, that's scary!!! Glad, y'all are safe! I try to avoid the main street when possible, but sometimes you can't.

  2. People are crazy drivers in the morning. I always say, if you run me over, you are REALLY GOING TO BE LATE! Some people have not courtesy or manners. I am glad your pace is back up and running is going good. I havent talk to you in forever. Cant wait to hear how st. george goes you are going to rock it:)