Monday, August 13, 2012

My Shoes

 I got 2 new pairs of shoes!!  I bought the new Kinvara 3's.  I've done 2 runs in them and they feel great.  I obviously have loved my Kinvaras.  

When I was cleaning out my shoes yesterday I found all these running shoes - 7 pair of Kinvaras and 2 other pair. I have been going through a lot of shoes lately because of how many miles I'm putting in these days.  I like to buy my shoes 2 at a time so I can break them in equally.

Saturday we ran 12 miles and today was an 8 mile run.  My pace is back to where it was before the UV marathon.  Which is good since I'm less than 2 months away from the St. George marathon.

Tomorrow:  spin & lift
Wednesday: 7 miles w/5 at tempo
Thursday: 7 miles
Saturday:  18 miles

Aren't my new shoes sooooo cute!

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