Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Monday morning run's are always the slowest hardest runs I do every week.  No matter what I do on Sunday.  So when the text came "I'm out. long night"  I jumped all over it and suggested we do a run later in the day when we dropped the kids off at dance.  It sounded like such a great idea at 5:30 am.  Then when we ran at noon it wasn't such a great idea after all.  Holy hot!!!  And nothing saps the energy out of me more than running in direct sunlight when it's hot outside.  It was ridiculous.  But 8 miles later it was over and now I can remember that next time I don't feel like waking up at the crack of dawn.  

I set a goal to eat 30 grams of protein with each meal.  Since I want to get lean and mean before the marathon.  So before yesterdays run I had my usual breakfast protein shake then after my run I went to pick the kids up from dance and then I went straight to the grocery store. So while I was there I picked up a muscle milk for lunch - at 4:00 pm - oops.  Even though I didn't eat as much as I normally do I felt pretty full because of the protein.   Then a nice grilled bean burrito for dinner to round off my protein intake. 

Today I taught spin and did weights.  I love my cross training days.  Mixing it up is such a great change. Tomorrow is speed work. 

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