Thursday, February 28, 2013

Home Gym

I have decided I really love kettlebells and that I need to get some for my home gym - that is IF I ever build one.  You can do so many different workouts with these babies.  I would buy a few different weights (20, 35 & 55), get a pull up bar and my treadmill and I would be ready to go.  Now all I need is to change one of the bedrooms into a fitness room.  I bet my boys wouldn't mind if I got rid of their room :)

I've actually never asked the hubby for a home gym because I hate working out alone.  I mean I hate it.  I'm a gym rat through and through.  I love working out with other people - even if I don't know them having people around makes me work harder.  I'm a very social worker outer too.  I would much rather talk to someone while running instead of listening to music. I have a nice treadmill at home but I have only run on it a handful of times in the past year (my kids use it way more than I do).  I run at the gym or outside.  

What about you.  Do you workout alone?  At home?  What tips do you have for making solo workouts more fun?

Last week in Vegas I thought I would do some KB swings at the hotel gym...
but they only had these cute colored 10 pounders so I opted for pushups.

 Doing some SDHP's at crossfit

Today's workout: 
20 kettlebell swings (35lbs)
20 box jumps
20 sit ups 

5 rounds for time

And I did 7 miles on the treadmill (3 miles tempo at a 7:40 pace)

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