Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boston Training

Today was my first speed workout in a VERY long time.  I actually woke up at 4:54 before my alarm (set to go off at 5:00) - and for some crazy reason I got out of bed instead of waiting those 6 extra precious minutes.  I have the feeling I've been getting up at 5:00 too long if I wake up before my alarm.  In order to train for Boston and do cross-training I've had to start really early the past couple of months.

So I hit the treadmill and busted out 3 of my 4 1600's on the treadmill (5 miles total) before 6:00 am crossfit.  I was a little worried about running the 7:10 pace - but with some good music and a little caffeine in my system it wasn't too bad.  Our crossfit workout was 3 rounds of:  21 one-arm clean & press, 400 m. run, 10 wall walks, 400 m. run.  Then we did a max out set of kettleball swings.  Then I jumped back on the treadmill to finish my last 1600 and cool down run to get 7 miles total.  

This round of training has been different for me.  I'm not focused on anything specific since I'm not trying to get faster for Boston and I'm working hard to be a bit more well-rounded.  However, I still have to marathon train through all this.  Luckily, the girls are willing to run most of the miles with me so that I'm not training solo.  I like the freedom and no pressure of this training.  And really this time it's just about running my own race and enjoying the moment. 

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