Friday, February 15, 2013

Review - Roctane Drink

I am a big fan of the Roctane GU's - I use them on almost every long run I do and can really feel a difference with them.  So when I saw this product at Runner's Corner I bought it without a second thought.  I've now used it several times and I LOVE it!  I used it last week on my 18 mile long run.  Then again throughout the week.  I did several back-to-back workouts this week (run-crossfit-run) and I like the constant energy this gave me.  When I take a GU I can feel the difference but then it wears off.  I like that I can sip on this the entire workout.  I don't think I'll ever use it when I run outside because I hate carrying a water bottle with me.  But for biking or indoor workouts this is a must have right now for me.  The biggest downfall is that it's a little pricey - $25 for 12 servings.

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