Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching up - January

This month has been a crazy one for me.  I've been to Florida twice and California once.  I'm a big creature of habit so travel is hard for me.  I did manage to get my workouts in but some of them weren't easy. I am so glad I am done with my big work travel trips for the year.

In Florida the hotel where I stayed provided this awesome 0.89 jogging trail.  Making 8 miles was tough! The next day for my run I found a way to run around the outside of the Magic Kingdom park - it was better than the small loop but it was on big main roads with no shoulder or sidewalk and I ran a lot in the grass.

I added in some parking lot loops and tried to get more miles in - but it was tough

At least it was warm and sunny.  I loved running in a tank top and shorts!

And Mickey provided directions for me :)

I did my very first Zumba class and found out that I do NOT move like that.  

The marketing in our Nu Skin gear at Zumba

I ran 131.5 miles this month. And I'm pretty more than 100 of those miles were done on the treadmill.  That is crazy to me.  The weather here has been so cold and bad I haven't done one outside run at home this year.  Last year I only had to run inside a few times all winter and this year's winter is killing me.  I even have a favorite treadmill at the gym now.

I've been working on hard on eating right and I'm down 4 pounds total since Christmas!

Today's Workout:  8 miles on the treadmill and 360 fit.  We did a benchmark workout for crossfit and it took me about 35 minutes - so today was a tough workout day. 

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