Monday, February 25, 2013

The run when we saved a dog

I have been really bad about blogging lately.  So here is some catch up.  Last week was a "recovery week" I ran 8 on Monday, 8 on Thursday, 8 on Friday and 9.5 on Saturday.  And on Saturday we actually got to run outside.  It was heaven!!!  

AND we saved a dog...ok that might be a little dramatic.  But at mile 3 a dog started following us.  He would run past us pee on a bush then wait for us.  He wasn't exactly running with us but he wasn't leaving us either. He ran by us for about 3.5 miles.  Once we got into a residential area we decided to catch him so we could call the number on his tags.  We had to sit on the curb for a few minutes to get him close enough to catch.  Then we carried him to a few houses looking for some help.  The lady who finally helped us didn't want to hold on to him and find his owners (even though she had a dog) but she let us use her phone to call them.  Then we waited on the street corner until they got there.  It was a bit crazy and added quite a bit of extra time to our run - but we saved a dog and got to run outside so I'm not complaining.  We did 9.5 miles total. 

I am really loving the 360 fit class and can tell a difference in how I feel and look.  I know it's making me a stronger runner and I'm getting some definition in my upper body.  Now I just really need a tan!!

This Week's Workout Schedule:

Monday: 8 miles & 360 fit
Tuesday: Spin & 360 fit
Wednesday: 7 mile Tempo Run & 360 fit
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: 360 fit
Saturday: 18 miles

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