Thursday, June 7, 2012

Staying Sane

I've been freaking out a bit this week about what I want my race to be.  My goal is to qualify for Boston - which means a 3:40 race.  I've trained hard and I know it's a doable goal but it still freaks me out.  More than qualifying for Boston though I want to feel strong and have a good race.  So I decided not to wear my Garmin. Then today I was questioning my decision and just couldn't decide what I wanted.  So what did I do?  Called my big sister of course.  I told her all my concerns and she had the best advice.  She told me to figure out a few check point times so I can have a feel for where I am then to just run and enjoy it.  It's nice having an awesome running resource who understands the version of crazy that I am.  So now I'm going to write my goal numbers on my 4 GU packets and then when I get to those miles I can do a quick check on where I am.  Then I can be calm about my race.  And she told me no matter where I am on my pace to just accept it.  Run comfortable and be happy with it.  Seriously best sister ever!!

And just to make sure I have focus on the run I am planning on remembering these 2 gems :)

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