Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ragnar 2012

I feel like such a veteran now that I've done Wasatch Back 3 whole times.  This year was a blast - I love my team!!  I was a bit worried about running it 6 days post marathon but it ended up being fine and my times were right on schedule :)

Before the race started:  I was leg 6 in van 1 this year so we met Thursday night to decorate our van then drive up to Logan.  We had to be at the start by 5:30 am to get our safety briefing before our 6:30 start.  Decorating the van is a great way to start off the race because it's a fun way to kick off the party!  We finally got to Logan around 12:30 pm and got a whole 4 hours of sleep.  Not my favorite way to start off a 2 day relay but it is what it is.

I love being one of the Housewives!

We think we are super funny!

Smac and Higgy decorating the van

Look at the super cute bracelet - or hair tie if you have more hair than me that one of the girls made all of us.  Yep that's my spice girl name - Zippy. 

Race Start:  Before the race started we took all our safety gear up (6 vests, 2 headlights, 2 butt lights & 2 flags) and picked up our race packets.  Then we shopped a bit and got ready for our start.  Then once our first runner took off it was time to jump in the van and get moving. 

Check out those sweet safety vests
Van 1 at the starting line.
Giggles, Smac, Zippy, Higgy, Shutter and Attitude

I love how people dress up at Ragnar. 
This was the RMAFO team and they were tons of fun.
Waiting for our runner to take off
Do you like my face coming out of the honey bucket?  A full weekend with only honey buckets is fun.
I will say Ragnar does a great job of having enough of them at the stops and keeping them as "fresh" as possible.

Trying to get some shut eye before my first leg.....already tired before my first leg might not be a good sign.

My Legs:

Leg 1 was 6.5 miles down Avon Pass.  It was around 1:00 pm and it was very hot outside.  The hill is steep and very dusty.  At mile 4.5 it turns into flat pavement which was even hotter but at least I could get my feet under me and not worry about twisting my ankle on a rock.  Details:  52:08 total time 8:12 pace and 24 kills.

Leg 2 was 8.2 miles gradual climb up East Canyon around 10:00 pm at night.  It was my favorite run.  I had about 2 miles to get my legs warmed up before the climb really started and it was cool and peaceful outside.  At one point on the run I looked up and saw a 30 mph sign on the side of the road and realized I was passing #30 on my run.  It was one of those awesome moments that just kept me going.  The van met me at mile 4.5 and I finished off my gatorade then got rid of my hand-held bottle and just enjoyed the rest of the run.  Somewhere between mile 6 and 7 there was a guy on the side of the road cooking bacon and he offered me a quick slice of it or some salt.  It was hilarious and smelled delicious but I still declined.  Details:  1:14 total time, 9:08 pace and 43 kills.

Leg 3 was a 2.5 mile flat run.  It was almost not worth getting my but out of the van...but I did.  It was fun having my last leg be my easiest.  The last 2 years my last leg was my hardest leg so it was fun to not stress about this one.  Details: 19:06 total time, 7:49 pace 4 kills.

half way through leg 1 - SO HOT!!!
Coming into the first major exchange

My 2nd leg was gorgeous, dark and cool outside.

Fun stuff about Ragnar:  I love this race because it of the team aspect.  The girls I run with are the absolute best.  Our team color has been pink every year and I never get sick of it.  I think the color is so fun to wear and it stands out when I'm trying to find my girls in the crowd. 

We actually had a cow bell in our van this year and it was so much fun when cheering on our runners!

Enjoying a diet coke after our last legs were finished.

Before my 2nd leg cheering on my runner with the rally monkey
Look how much fun we have cheering for our captain while she kicks butt.

Before our last legs - I'm looking awesome by this point - so well rested and clean. 

The Rally Monkey - she needs a name!

Our drive - Fab Spice.  This girl is awesome.  Having a driver on Ragnar is the best.  She took great care of us and got us where we needed to be without a single complaint.  Not only is she gorgeous she's fun and a great driver!

Team Overall Details: 32:48, 7/17 for women's submasters, 25/97 for all women's teams and 459/1092

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