Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Today's Spin Playlist

Today I taught spin.  Because my head is CRAZY town right now I decided to go for something I wouldn't mess up and we did a "music workout".  So I put together a playlist then as each song came on we mixed it up.  I'm having a hard time deciding if I should teach spin next week or not.  Do I take off the whole week between the marathon and Ragnar or do spin.  Decisions. Decisions.

I really can't believe the marathon is days away.  I seriously can't stop thinking about it which is why I am so crazy (even crazier than normal). 

1 - warm up
2 - seated hill climb
3 - tempo hill standing
4 - hill intervals (stand and sprint during chorus)
5 - fast flat
6 - seated hill climb
7 - high tension hill
8 - jumps
9 - recovery
10 - tempo hill standing
11 - seated hill climb
12 - standing hill
13 - fast flat
14 - tempo hill standing
15 - fast flat with speed bursts
16 - seated hill climb
17 - jumps
18 - cool down

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