Monday, June 4, 2012

5 days till the race & the dirty dash

I can't believe the race is 5 days away.  OH MY!  I am trying hard to keep myself calm but it's not working too well.  I keep telling myself "you've trained for this don't stress it".  But it's not working.  I'm an anxious person and I am a freak show at starting lines (just ask anyone who has done races with me).  I bounce back and forth from foot to foot and I chatter and I move constantly.  My advice - don't stand by me at the starting line if you're easily annoyed because I am annoying.  

I've been thinking a lot about my nutrition this week and just read this article on and think it has great advice.  

My plan for the week:  
  • drink water and gatorade a little more than normal but not crazy to hydrate myself
  • eat foods I love in moderate amounts - mexican food & pasta are my faves
  • no extra fiber
  • get lots of sleep all week since I won't be sleeping the night before the race
  • eat a small bowl of oatmeal 2 hours before the race
My workouts this week are:  3 miles today, spin tomorrow, 6 miles speed work Wed, 3 miles Thurs, rest Friday.

Last Saturday I went to the Dirty Dash for work and because Todd was running it.  There was no way I was going to run the race the week before the marathon but I thought support crew was ok.  For the most part I was fine but we were running across crazy terrain to get to the obstacles before our work team so we could film it and somehow I tweaked my knee.  It stressed me out Saturday - but with ice, aleve and my mom's help I feel as good as new.  PHEW!
My bro-in-law and hubby before the race

 Me and Deni Hill (from season 11 biggest loser)

icing my knee ..... boo!

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