Monday, June 11, 2012

Utah Valley Marathon Recap

Before the race:  I met the girls at the race expo to pick up our numbers.  My nerves were so on edge all day and I couldn't relax at all. 

Me, Giggles, Higgy, Par-tay, Sunshine and Gourmet

Me and my little bro (who killed it on the half)

Todd took all 4 kids camping and I was on my own to get a good night sleep.  My sis-in-law came over and carb loaded with me.  My pre-race meal was: white bread, pasta w/browned butter sauce & asparagus and cantaloupe.  It was delicious.  I wanted to eat more because it was so good but knew that a single serving was my best option.  This meal did not disappoint on race day.  My tummy felt great.

At 8:00 pm it was time to start setting down and try to get to sleep.  I set out all my race gear.  Shoes, socks, skirt, tank (with number), bra, hat, iPod, baggie with Advil, electrolytes and some cash.  Plus all my throw away gear:  gloves, headband and long sleeve shirt.

Then I marked my gu's for where I should be at miles 5, 13, 17 and 23.

I woke up at 3:00 got dressed, made a pb&j then met the girls.  Higgy's hubby drove us to the buses so we wouldn't have to find parking.  We got to the starting line and made camp.  I tried to blow up my air mattress but lost interest after about 4 minutes and just sat on it with my blanket around me.  Headed to the porta potties then relaxed a little more.  I was surprisingly calm for a race start.  No jumping around, crazy talking, psycho race start for me this time.  There were 7000 runners so I didn't cross the line for about 4 minutes after the gun went off.
Higgy, Gourmet, Par-tay, Me and Giggles
The race:  The course started up in Wallsburg for the first 7 miles then we hit the highway and ran the rest down the canyon.  It was warm (65ish) at the start and the long sleeve shirt was dumped by mile 1.  I felt comfortable the first 7 miles and took my first GU at mile 5.  Right on target for my goal time at this point.  Then we turned on to the highway and the wind hit.  10-15 mph headwind the rest of the run.  

I passed the 3:45 pace group around mile 9 and thought I'd just watch them to make sure I stayed where I needed to since I couldn't focus on anything but moving forward and cursing the wind in my head.  They never passed me - apparently the pacer dropped out.  I took a caffeinated Roctane at mile 11.  I was numb and feeling horrible around mile 14 so at mile 15 I took a couple Advil and an electrolyte pill.  I did another GU at mile 17 and then my last Roctane at mile 21.  At mile 23 I turned up the tunes to block out my thoughts and just kept going.  

It was so hot and windy that I drank every 2 miles along the course.  My throat was so parched and I just kept making myself go 2 more miles then I'd get a drink then go to the next one.  I stopped looking to see where I was with my time and just accepted that I just had to finish.  I ended up finishing at 3:49:40.  My PR by 13 minutes - but I missed Boston by 4 minutes.  Sad.  I'm still a little raw about it but I'll get over it. 

Awesome volunteers

I look so happy .... considering how I felt

The gorgeous canyon

Love my skirt

I drank so much!!!

Kami and David were about 2 miles out with signs for me and Kami ran a few blocks with me telling me it's ok that everything hurt and it was almost over.  It helped so much  then Timmy came and ran in the last block with me and helped me after the finish so I didn't fall over or pass out.  It was so nice to see a friendly face and to have people cheering me on.  I heard my mom whistle for me and I heard Todd and the kids yelling for me.  It was so great to have so much support at the finish.  I wish I had pictures of the signs that were made with my name on them.  I loved seeing them!

The very final stretch

Happy when I saw Todd and the kids

Hooray - I'm done!!

The race was so well run.  There were tons of volunteers and the street being shut down was awesome.  The police covered every intersection to make sure the runners had the right of way.  Besides the wind and heat this run is awesome.  The course is beautiful and it's really no wonder this race sells out. 

Lori and I

My training partners - oh how I love these girls!
The Housewives Ragnar team who ran the marathon - let's hope we can still run in a few days!
All of us except Higgy at the finish.

I will say I got lots of compliments on my outfit and it was very comfortable.  I have a major blister on my right big toe and lost most of my toenail on the second toe of my left foot.  For recovery I took an ice bath, drank my recovery shake, wore my compression socks all day, rested and used my stick to roll out my legs.  I'm feeling much better today and can almost go up and down the stairs :)

I am going to use this experience to train hard for St. George.  I have 3 1/2 months until my next race. 

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