Friday, July 20, 2012

My hidden socks

Today was a long run day.  I ended up running 14 miles (8:22 avg pace) and then walk/jogged 1.5 miles as a cool down.  The run was tough but felt good.  It was fast because we got dropped up the canyon and did a nice run down my favorite trail.  I so love the trail - there is water along the way so I don't have to carry anything, it's cool and shaded and simply gorgeous.

My legs are feeling a bit tired so I wanted to throw on my compression socks after the run.  All of my socks are (or were) full footed socks and I didn't want to look ridiculous at work so I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped off the feet.  I love that I have hot pink compression socks on and no-one even knows :)

This weeks total mileage: 33.50.  So far this month I've run 98.5 miles. That is 5 miles further than ran the entire month of June and I had 2 big events that month. 

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