Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Mary Poppins Gym Bag

I take this bag to the gym with me every time I go.  It's small and I can hang it on the side of the treadmill so I have quick access to it.  It is filled with all my gym necessities and then some.

Here is what I have inside my little bag: a towel (isn't it so cute - my friend made it for me last year before the UV marathon), my jump rope, chalk (in the blue tupperware), tape, chapstick, advil, body glide, my nano, extra headphones, fuel and drink mixes.  So if you every need anything at the gym I've got you covered :)

What else should I have with me?

Today's Workout:  taught spin 45 minutes, cycled for an extra 30 minutes then did crossfit.  The WOD today was crazy.  15 pull-ups, 15 dumbell rows, 10 push press and 5 hand stand push-ups.  5 rounds for time.  I did my hand stand push-ups using bands upside down from the bar.  It was crazy!

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