Friday, April 19, 2013

My Boston Gear

I picked up a few things for the little ones while in Boston.  My favorite item has to be the shirts I got Luke and Sophie.  Sophie LOVES her "running mom shirt" - and keeps walking around saying "in your face".  P.S - Sophie is a crazy girl and my kids hair looks awesome after not having me around to comb it for 5 days :)

I got this awesome jacket at the expo and I LOVE it!

 Brand new Kinvara 4's
(you can't even buy these babies yet)

 And I bought this shirt (but the ladies version in yellow) to help support


I am proud to be a part of the Boston family and will wear my gear with pride.  Nothing will ever make me forget what happened on Monday - but this gear will show my support and love for the Boston Marathon. 

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