Monday, April 1, 2013

I didn't recognize you...

This weekend at the gym there was a 360 fit competition.  I had no desire or the ability to compete in it but I really wanted to go watch. So for date night Friday I headed over to the gym with T and the hubby.  I had no idea just how bad I look when I go to the gym until I showed up in my makeup with my hair all prettied up.  One guy who goes to the 6:00 am class with me didn't even recognize me, another girl said "oh ... you're pretty" and the front desk guys said "you clean up well".  Ha ha ha.  I was dying.  Lucky for me it's not worth waking up any earlier than I already do to get all gussied up.  

Workout me vs. Done up me

I didn't get to go and just watch and cheer on friends we all got pulled in to judge.  I got to judge this guy and he was a machine.  He actually took home the prize for top overall male.  He was amazing!!

On Saturday I ran my last long run - 16 miles.  Now I start tapering. Today was crossfit and an easy 6 mile run. 

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