Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Cold

It was so cold on the run this morning (29 degrees). It took my legs over a mile to warm up and even then they didn't really feel that warm. I am tired of wearing so many layers (2 on bottom, 2 on top, gloves, headband....too many clothes). I hate washing so many clothes and I just feel heavy when I run in that many clothes. I sound super negative but I'm just so ready for spring/summer. It's still better than running inside on the treadmill though.

After my run I always have to hurry home and shower so I can get myself ready for work and get my kids off to school. This morning I just couldn't warm up in the shower. I had it on full heat and it was burning my skin but not warming me up. Today would have been a great day to fill a nice hot tub and just soak until I'm toasty warm. Sadly there wasn't time so even after a long hot shower I was still chilled when I got out. Thank goodness my blow dryer and chasing my boys around to get them ready warmed me up.

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