Monday, July 15, 2013

Running in the Rain

I don't really love or hate running in the rain.  Last week on my long run it rained for the last 6 miles of my 17 miler.  The rain cooled everything off quite a bit which was nice.  But I wasn't dressed for the rain - no hat and I wasn't wearing a tank so it was a bit heavy and uncomfortable.  But I did it - the whole run so now I'm happy. 

I have perfected the "ugly" face for my self portraits. Ha.

I had a first on my run too - we always do water drops the night before so we don't have to wear fuel belts or carry water.  At one of the drops I left 2 Gatorade and 1 Powerade. And when we got there 2 of the 3 were gone.  So we got to share the last Gatorade.  Luckily, since it was raining we weren't too thirsty.

Last week's workouts:
Monday:  8 miles & crossfit
Tuesday:  spin & crossfit
Wednesday: 8 miles & crossfit
Thursday: 6 miles 
Friday: 17 miles
Saturday:  watch my kids at their swim meet :)

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