Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lucky Number 4

I have been so bad about putting my workouts up and even worse with taking pictures.  Summer is busy busy busy.  I spend so much time at the pool watching my kids swim.  The boys are both on 2 teams and have been doing private lessons with their coaches which means I drive to and from and to and from all day every day.  Last weekend the boys had another meet and they decided they wanted their "lucky numbers" on their backs.  It must have worked because both boys swam fast and made this mama proud. 

Speaking of their lucky numbers.....they come from our family shirts.  I'm from a dang big family (4th of 10 kids) and several years ago we were all doing the Turkey Trot so we decided to make family shirts.  Each of us had our number put on the back of our shirt - and now these have become our lucky numbers.  Your number is based on when you came into the family - so there are grandkids with smaller numbers than in-laws.  We have done 3 versions of our shirts so far and they are worn all the time when we are together.  

I am number 4....as you can tell by the sweet flex.
Turkey Trot 2007

Turkey Trot 2009
Thanksgiving Dinner 2012

M - 8 mile run & crossfit
T - spin

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