Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Freedom Run 10K

It's official - I have now done all the road race distances this year.  5K, 10K, relay race, half and full marathon.  And that is the only reason I signed up for the Freedom 10K instead of 5K.  I really wanted to get a PR at this race so I talked my SIL Kami into running it with me.  She's a speedy runner and I knew she would help push me.  The race started at 7:00 am and it was already in the 70's when we started.  It was a very hot and muggy race.  It was a really tough course too - it started going uphill, then flat and down for a while then another uphill at mile 4.5 then the last 3/4 mile was uphill to the finish.  The end was HORRIBLE.  I had to turn the tunes up loud to make myself keep pushing.  But we did it and I was happy once it was over.  Especially since I didn't throw up .... it felt like I was going to for a few minutes after! 

P.S.  beating my PR wasn't too hard since the last 10K I ran was in 2009 :)

Me and Kami

Some of my team mates who also did the 10K

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