Thursday, July 25, 2013

A real princess

When I saw this picture of Kate with her new baby I wanted to stand and applaud.  Good for her for being real.  I love that her post baby belly is showing  (there is nothing you can do to get rid of it in the first few days anyway).  This is something I didn't know after my first baby.  I brought pre-pregnancy clothes to go home from the hospital in.....yea right! You've got to love a real princess!

Today's workout was a tempo run -  7.5 miles total with 5 at an 8:00 min/mile pace.  It wasn't easy or hard today it was just another run.  Then I had to hurry home and pick up Tays for swim team.  I came back to the gym for the crossfit class and for some reason it kicked my butt.  It was a 12 minute WOD and I was dying right from the start.  

Yesterday we did a 7.5 mile trail run and it was so much fun to just go run with no idea where we were going or exactly how far and pace didn't matter at all.  It was so much fun to just go out and enjoy running.  I need to do more of that.  I am always in training mode so I forget to just love running sometimes.

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