Tuesday, November 19, 2013

While I can't run....

I feel like it's been ages since I ran...and really it has been 6 days.  I am a total head case.  While I can't run in order to keep myself occupied I've been doing a lot of therapy:  stem, deep blue, magnesium oil, arnica, stretching, resting, motrin, and this crazy rubber wrap - you wrap it as tight as you can then stretch for 2-3 minutes.

Everything seems to be helping and my heel is already feeling a lot better - but I know I need to stay the course and keep at it for at least another week. I seriously can't wait to run again. 

I've also been doing a lot of cross-training.  I joined a new crossfit gym and have gone every day.  I've been on the spin bike and rowing machine and I even went and swam laps (haven't done that in 6 years).

Funny story about swimming.  I'm at the pool everyday since my boys swim on a club team so I grabbed my hubbies goggles and my swim gear and did laps for 45 minutes.  It was brutal.  During the swim I looked over at my 9 year old in the lane next to me and he was goofing off so I took off my goggles and told him to work harder and stop playing.  He hadn't noticed it was me swimming next to him for the last 30 minutes.  Ha. 

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