Friday, December 7, 2012

Stocking Stuffers for Runners

I never get tired of running gear.  I ask for it for every birthday and Christmas.  So here are a few items every runner would love.  What else do you have on your list?

Scott James Jewelry ($12 per pendant). 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my necklace and wear it all the time.

Fuel Belt hand held water bottle. ($8-$15)

It's dark in the winter so a headlamp is awesome ($20-$80)

A great basic running watch from Garmin ($130)
I love my 305 but I really want one of these too and it comes in fun colors!

A few great long sleeve running shirts. ($20-$70)
I have thinner ones and fleece lined shirts.  You need a variety for layering.

A fun way to display your race medals ($25+ on etsy)

Compression socks or sleeves ($50)
I love my CEP and Pro Compression ones.
ProCompression is doing a 40% off right now with free shipping 
Promo code: SOM12

Give the gift of "not getting hit by a car" ($20)

I love my sleeves ($8)

Injinji Socks ($12)

Spi Belt ($20)
 Smartwool Sock ($8)
these are great for winter running.
 Yurbuds ($35)

And if you want to throw down some cash get anything from Athleta or LuLu Lemon.  I absolutely love everything I have from both of those stores. 


  1. Everyone keeps telling me about lulu but I don't think I will ever be able to splurge that much. I need to check into the earbuds. Mine are somewhat annoying.