Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun 360 Pictures

Most days our trainer takes pictures of us during 360 fit.  It cracks me up looking at the pictures when he posts them on facebook.  Here are a few that made me giggle that got posted yesterday. 

Are my legs really that white?  I may never wear that light pink hat inside again.....don't love.
I really need to get my butt down in squats - UGH!

I am moving so fast I'm blurry

I have to take my hat off to do my pushups right - that is some scary hair!
I thought my wall burpees were way cooler than they look here

At least I've got major height on my double-unders

Today's workout:  Run 6 miles and 360 fit. 

Today's 360 WOD:
round 1: 40 kettleball swings 10 burpees
round 2: 30 kettleball swings 20 burpees
round 3: 20 kettleball swings 30 burpees
round 4: 10 kettleball swings 40 burpees

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