Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Workouts

I was so busy having time there was no time to blog.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - lots of family time, lots of food and very little stress.   For the last 5 years we have all run the Turkey Trot but we didn't get signed up early enough this year and then didn't want to spend $40 for day of registration so a group of us just went for a run that morning instead.  I love starting the day with a run.  It was perfect weather too!

Then Friday morning me, my sister, her husband and my brother all hit Gold's to do a 360 Fit class.  It was awesome and it kicked my butt. 

On Saturday I did a 12 mile long run with my running partner T - and my brother and sister ran it too.  I love working out on weekends like this.  I could sleep in and enjoy a good workout then enjoy good meals with my family.  I love this holiday!!

Today I taught spin then hit the 360 fit class - it was brutal and I loved it. 

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