Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm not ready for winter

I'm a little behind on my posts. Today I taught spin then ran 4 miles on the treadmill. Gotta burn those calories before Halloween tomorrow!!!
 Here is Saturday's post: 

I feel like the cold came way too fast and early this year.  I'm being a baby about it and have no desire to run in it.  It takes all my energy to get my butt out of my warm bed and hit the pavement.  On Saturday we did 12 miles and when we started it was 30 degrees.  It took me 10.5 miles until I was warm enough to pull off my jacket and just run in my shirt.  (I know I'm being a big baby with all this complaining.)  Other than the cold the run was good.  I was nervous that the water I dropped off the night before would be frozen but it was just icy cold (why can't it be that cold in the summer....)  It's nice to go for a run without caring about times and just go because I love running.  

I wore a fleece headband, a long sleeve fleece lined shirt, jacket and gloves.


 I also tried something new this year and put a running skirt on over my tights to try to keep my rear warm - it seemed to help so I think I'll try that again. 


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