Monday, October 22, 2012

A new workout

It's so fun to not be officially training for a race (even though I've already signed up for 4 races next year and have 2 others I plan on running).   I feel like I can try new things and have some no pressure time for running.  I will still run 4 days a week and do speed work and long runs but it's for fun now not for training.  I love it!!  So Saturday we tried something totally new.  It's similar to a crossfit type workout.  I went up to a new gym Lyceum and did a boot camp workout.  It killed me!!  In an hour I was dying and I have been so sore ever since.  

For the workout we moved our own pace and did as many sets as we could.  We did things like stairs (3 times), TRX rows (16), TRX pushups and exploding pushups (16 times), lunges with weights (10 each leg), bag pull, pullups (16).  Between each one we had to do 10 box jumps.  And it was hard.  We finished 3 full sets in the hour.  I can't wait to go do more workouts like that.
After the workout

The dreaded boxes

with the TRX bands

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