Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cold dark running

This morning when I woke up it was 35 degrees and pitch black.  It was so hard to not send the "I'm out" text.  I mean I'm really I'm not training for anything so why get up and go run.....because I need it and once I'm doing it I love it.  It was still dark outside when I finished my run.  UGH.

I am so not looking forward to cold, dark morning runs.  I already miss running in shorts and tank top.  Today I had on a tank, long sleeved shirt, jacket and gloves.  UGH!!  

But I won't stop running outside just because it feels like winter.  I'm a runner and this is just what I do.   

So I think to get me through this winter I need this cute white jacket from Lululemon.  I totally deserve it for getting out of bed :)

Today was a nice easy 5 mile run and yesterday I did 6.5 miles.  My legs feel completely recovered even after making the mistake of not doing any recovery for my legs after the marathon.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to run 10 - we'll see how that goes :)

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