Tuesday, October 18, 2011

X-Training Workout

Today I taught spin.  I thought endurance sounded like fun and since I control the mic that's what we did.  :)

Here's the workout:
10 minute hill - tap up the tension every minute.  Mix up seated and standing and occasionally when the music is good speed up.
5 minutes of hill sprints - 1 minute sprint followed by 1 min slow seated hill with high tension
2 minutes low tension high speed

5 minute hill - tap up the tension every 30 seconds until maxed out
1 minute hill isolation
5 minute tempo work on the hill - mix up seated and standing and do speed bursts
1 minute recovery

tempo endurance interval set:
4 minutes medium tension & speed
3 minutes higher tension & faster
2 minutes higher tension & even faster
1 minute higher tension & as fast as you can go
1 minute recovery

5 minute hill work - high tension w/ a good pace adding in 15 & 30 second speed bursts

After spin I did 25 minutes of weight training & finished it all off with a nice big recovery shake for breakfast.

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