Saturday, October 22, 2011

A goat on a leash?

Fun things about today's run:
  • We saw a woman walking a dog and her hubby walking a goat on the trail.  Hilarious.
  • A crazy kid rode his skateboard down "suicide hill" and stopped by jumping into the grass and his skateboard flew across the street under the tires of the car that had to stop quickly.  A little scary.
  • I ran with Todd.  This never happens.  Never I tell you.  We both plugged in both earphones and didn't talk at all but it was great to have him running with me.  Don't tell him or he  might not run with me again - but I loved it!
  • Todd was a stud on the run.  He ran in the morning instead of the night and high altitude instead of sea level where he normally runs and has already put in 23 miles this week.  I'm so in love!
  • Perfect scenery on the run.  The fall leaves are amazing right now and Todd ran with his shirt off.  Two of my favorite sights!!
  • I made up the route as we went and because I have put so many miles on the road here we ended our 10 miles within a block of our house.  Perfect.
  • I burned 1000 calories (Todd burned 1400 - no fair) so I can enjoy date night tonight guilt free.

 I am now blogging while enjoying a chocolate/peanut butter shake made in the Blendtec I won at the Pink Series half-marathon.  Life is good!

The bad things about today's run:
  • I forgot to glide and am a bit chaffed from my sports bra.
  • My hip was bothering me for most of the run (hopefully the roller, stretching and advil will take care of it).
  • I didn't drink enough water and now I have major tummy cramps.  I know better!
  • And I'm too exhausted to do any of my to-do list!

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