Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running Faster

Today's workout was a tempo run.  6 miles total - warm up then 4 miles @ 8:25 pace then cool down. It's all about learning to run faster. Right?  When I first set my Boston goal I talked to my big sister (who is my running idol) and she told me one of my goals needs to be to get very comfortable running at an 8:00 min/mile pace and tempo work is one of the ways I'm doing that.

I wore my garmin today to watch my pace since we were running outside (something I've been trying not to do much lately because I am trying to run where I feel comfortable and then let my nike + tell me my pace when I'm done). The 4 miles at tempo ended up being an 8:13 pace average and the full 6 miles was an 8:24 pace. Hooray!! 

During the tempo portion I kept thinking we should slow down but it felt good and we were holding the pace fine so we just ran that tempo. It felt good to push it a little more than normal. Plus the only way I'm going to qualify is if I learn to run faster!

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