Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trust the Training

Trust the training.  I've heard it so many times but sometimes I get nervous and think it's too many miles or too few miles.  That the taper is too long or not long enough.  I've changed training programs to "make them my own" so many times over the years.  I've usually had success even when I make small modifications but this last time around I followed my training pretty exact.  Don't get me wrong I missed days along the way or missed the mark on speed work a few times.  But I tried to do what the training said and it worked perfectly for me.  My race time was VERY close to the expected race time in my training.  Several times during the marathon when I was feeling tired I would just tell myself to trust the training and that I trained for this.  I just kept thinking to myself that I knew I could do it because I made it through the months of training.  I can make it through a few hours if I can make it through months and months of hard training.  And you know what?  I did.  I made it!

The program I followed is from runnersworld's website it's called Smart Coach and it takes your current pace and mileage and creates a personal program for you. 

 My last few days of pink gear.  This challenge is going smashing so far - but I'm not even half way into the month.  I hope I can remember what I've worn all month.  Good thing I'm documenting :)

 Tuesday I taught spin and did crossfit

Wednesday was a 6 mile run outside

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