Friday, September 27, 2013

New Race Outfit

I love (and I mean really love) buying new running clothes.  It's the way I reward myself for hard work and training.  Plus I love having a new outfit for every big race I run.  I train hard then focus my race jitters on random stuff like picking a new outfit.  I love running races in lululemon skirts - they are super comfortable, have 3 pockets to carry all my GU's and iPod and are dang cute.  

So when I saw this new black and white striped skirt I knew it would be my race outfit.  I wore it on my 22 mile run and it was perfect.  I am of course throwing in a touch of pink too.  I used to always race in all black - but the pictures weren't nearly as fun.  So next week if you're looking for me crossing the finish line at St. George you know what I'll be wearing. 

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