Thursday, September 26, 2013

September where have you gone?

Wow - I haven't posted in a month.  Sorry I've been busy running and getting kids back in school and taking an amazing vacation.  

My training has gone great except for the week when we went to Florida and on a Disney Cruise.  I only ran 10 miles total over 8 days....oops!  I planned to run but the first day on the ship while I was on the treadmill we were coming into port and the movements of the ship turning, slowing down and docking were too much for me so I called it at 5 miles.  The next day I planned on running 9-10 miles outside on the island.  Disney has a 5K so I would have a course to follow and would be safe.  But by the time we got off the ship and started the 5K it was 80 degrees and really humid.  I ran the 5K - and took 2nd overall and 1st woman finishing in 22 minutes and a few seconds (I didn't have my watch so I don't know exactly).  It was so hot I knew without any drinks and nutrition it wouldn't be smart to run more miles so I just ran the course out and back a few times to run in with my sis-in-law and mother-in-law who ran the race.  I'm guessing I put in between 5-6 miles total.  Then the next day I woke up and my low back was killing me so I knew I needed to take it easy and without my mom next door to work on my back I didn't dare put a lot of miles on for risk of injury.  So....I had a nice unplanned week of rest. 

Just after I finished

My SIL after her finish. 
My MIL's 2nd 5K ever.  She was awesome!

My sweet plastic finishers medal - my kids love it!

When I got back I was a little stressed because it took me 3 days to feel good on a run again.  But by my run on Wednesday when I did my speed work (1 mile intervals) I felt great.  I did a week of good runs and now I'm tapering to get ready for the race.  8 more days!!!  I am so ready to just get it done.

This weeks workouts:
M - 7 miles
T - spin
W - tempo run 6.5 total with 3 at 7:40 pace
Th - 6 miles
F- rest
S - 8 miles

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