Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Finish line at the UV marathon June 2012

Last year I set the goal to train and qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I had only done 1 marathon in 2009 before.  I found a training program.  Started this blog and made my goal a reality.  In June of 2012 I ran the Utah Valley Marathon and the conditions were horrible - hot and a serious headwind the whole way.  I missed qualifying by a couple of minutes and was heartbroken.  Now I'm almost done training for my 4th marathon in a 16 month period.  I know my body better than ever before and I know how hard to push and train.  But man am I tired and ready for a break.  No matter how tired I am right now I am not going to stop pushing hard and finish my training with a bang so I can race hard in a few weeks at St George - it's 36 days away!!!!

This week's workouts:
Monday:  10 mile run
Tuesday: spin and crossfit
Wednesday: 8 miles total w/ 4 one mile intervals @ 7:20 pace and crossfit
Thursday:  8 mile run 
Friday: rest
Saturday:  22 miles

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