Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Bad Habits

 Today on facebook I saw this article from Runners World and it cracked me how many of these bad habits I break.

Here are the highlights of my bad habits (at least some of the ones from their list).

3. Forgoing SPF.  I've had my fair share of red shoulders from runs.  Usually I'm good because I run at the crack of dawn before the sun has a chance to wake up.

6. Being your own doctor.  I am totally at fault for this....but really I took classes in college 20+ years ago so I'm sure I can self diagnose.

7. Skipping stretching. I am horrible at stretching after a workout.  I'm usually in a hurry.  I *try* to stretch at night but I suck at doing it unless I am really really sore.
9. You never rest.  Big issue for me.  I am always afraid that if I skip a workout I'll get behind.  I know this is something I need to be better about.  I'm getting old and tired and need to rest a little more.
Not bad only having 4 of the 10 they listed.  I'm sure I do the other ones too - but I like to think they aren't soooo bad I need to fix them.  Ha. 
Update on past workouts:
Today:  trail run with a few extra road miles
Yesterday: spin and crossfit
Moday: ran 5.5 treadmill/crossfit in the morning then ran 4.5 miles on the trail at night 
Saturday:  20 miles (I was too tired to take pictures or post about this)

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