Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why do you run?

I decided to create my own running image for tomorrow.  I love running for so many reasons.

Yesterday was the first big day of summer break - which means kids summer activities are in full swing.  We have multiple swim teams, dance, tennis, and piano.  Needless to say, driving them all over town is cutting into my workout time.  

Yesterday I got up at 6:40 took Tayson to swim team from 7-8 and ran 5 miles outside while he swam.  Then I had to take 3 of them to swimming from 8:30-9:30 then hurry home and take Luke to hip hop from 10-11.  Then I had to take Luke to swim team from 5-6pm.  Then back to the rec center to practice swimming with Claire because she almost got cut from the team for not swimming the full 25 meters.  So of course I made her do it twice last night before she could play in the pool. I am so mean.

And then this morning I turned into the "crazy mom" and made the coach give her another chance to try and when she was swimming I walked along side the pool telling her she wasn't allowed to stop. So she is now officially on the team.  But, I think I might have pushed her too hard because she threw up right when we got home!!!  Oops.
P.S.  today I did crossfit for the first time in over a week and my shoulder felt fine.  Hooray!!

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