Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why I can't run

I haven't posted in ages.  It's been quite a year for me.  This is my year for injuries I guess.  I was finally get back in running shape since my tendonitis and then I managed to hurt my back.  It all started with a fall on a 12 mile run back in early May.  I tripped on the sidewalk and went down on my hands, knee and right hip hard.  I finished my run and then my next workout hurt my back.  Just the usual right side lower back disc issues I've fought all my life.  

I took 2 weeks off running and called it good.  Ran a few more times but was still having issues with my back hurting.  I didn't listen and kept pushing hard.  Then one day in crossfit I did a stupid move and felt my back completely give out.  It hurt so bad I could barely walk.  I ended up flat on my back for 3 days.  Todd had to help me to get out of bed and to the bathroom and I couldn't put pressure on either foot without severe pain.  I went and got an MRI and found lots of damage on the left side of my low back.  NO!!  I have quite a bit of nerve issues going on right now.  My left leg is numb from the knee down the outside of my leg to my 2 little toes and I can't straighten my leg completely or lift it more than about 6 inches.  The muscles are feeling better and I can walk pretty good now.  But I can't run or jump or twist at all.  I have an appointment with a spinal surgeon in a week and hopefully I will know more about options and recovery. 

For now I am taking it easy at crossfit and when I do lift I wear this sweet weight belt.   It's a bit much and way too fancy for my needs but the support it provides is awesome and it helps me support my back.  From now on anytime I lift heavy I will wear a belt so I don't get hurt again.  Being injured doesn't work well with my personality.  I am so uptight and emotional these days because I can't just get it out of my system with some serious cardio.  I can't believe how much I miss running! 

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