Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Compression Socks

While buying some nutrition at the Runner's Corner I decided to buy some compression socks. I'm kind of a sucker for running stuff so I never make it out of that store without something random that I didn't intend to buy initially. After talking to one of the serious runners who works there about their benefits I decided that they might help for Ragnar since I need fresh legs for my 3 runs over 2 days. I decided to try them out for our long run (12 miles) and then I had to head to work and you have to wear them after your run too. So after my shower I put them back on got dressed for work and wore them all day. I thought they looked great with my outfit ... next time I should wear a skirt with them!

My legs felt good on my 5 mile run the next morning. And I also used them on the day we did triples. We did 6 miles at 6:00 am then 4 miles at noon then 4 miles again at 8:00 pm. I wore them during all 3 runs and between all 3 runs. My legs felt fresher than normal for that many runs and miles in a day. Hopefully they are doing their job and will help me in Ragnar.

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