Friday, April 1, 2011

300 Miles

This morning on my run I hit the 300 mile mark. I have a goal to run 1000 miles this year and it's been fun tracking my progress. The first 100 miles were tough - January sucks for running (especially when you hate treadmills) but the last 100 weren't too bad. Hopefully I can keep up the pace so I don't end up running 50 miles the last week in December to make my goal.

Today I registered for the St. George marathon. I'm torn. My first and only marathon was 2 years ago and I was glad I did it but really don't have a desire to do another one yet. Our running group all registered together and it's a lottery so we'll see what happens. As of right now I kind of hope we don't get picked :)

One other thought....since Friday's are crazy busy and I have a hot date tonight I decided to do my Insanity workout right after my 5 mile run this morning. WOW! Today's workout was called "pure cardio" and it was 40 minutes total with 30 minutes of it just straight cardio with no breaks. I was already tired from running so it totally kicked my butt. At least it's done and I can check it off my to-do list for the day. I sure hope I don't fall asleep on my date tonight!

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